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Yoni Soak by Mota. Cannabis infused mineral bath soak offers relief from the aches, pains, and cramping associated with the menstrual cycle.

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Yoni Soak – Mota. Let Yoni Soak send pain down the drain. Epsom Salts are a simple mineral compound made from Magnesium and Sulfate, two important minerals containing naturally occurring healing compounds that have strong detoxifying properties. When combined with cannabis, skin nourishing oils, and therapeutic grade essential oils they are even more powerful. The magnesium additionally helps improve muscle and nerve function while promoting healthy joints and skin. Soaking in one of our medicated bath soaks-full of skin beneficial oils, leaves hair and skin feeling soothed and nourished, and offers relief from the aches, pains, and cramping associated with the menstrual cycle.

300mg of THC 50mg of CBD

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, Magnesium, French pink clay, Aloe vera, Avocado seed oil, Apricot kernel oil, Cannabis oil, CBD oil, and Essential oils of Lavender, Clary sage and Roman chamomile.

Can Cannabis Help With PMS? Yoni Soak – Mota

Proponents of cannabis have long been outspoken about its medicinal benefits (e.g. pain/nausea relief), but some potential uses of the plant are more surprising—and very intriguing. Psychiatrist Dr. Julie Holland, a psychopharmacology specialist who has run a private psychiatric practice in Manhattan for more than two decades, has found that the effects of cannabis may be particularly adept at treating hormonal and emotional issues that are common among women. Cannabis, Holland explains, could be the solution to treating monthly PMS symptoms, painful cramps, irritability, insomnia, depression, and anxiety, as well as symptoms of perimenopause. The most underrated benefit of cannabis according to Holland? Its anti-inflammatory effect. Holland is quick to point out that more research on therapeutic cannabis use is merited—still, her current take on its womanly uses (see below) is compelling, especially given that post-election, medicinal cannabis laws have been passed in twenty-eight American states, and adult use of the drug is now legal in eight.

2 reviews for Yoni Soak – Mota

  1. Shelly Price

    PMS? P-M-yes!

  2. Amy Read (verified owner)

    Used it twice. I had a pain in my neck for a few days and after this bath it was gone the next day! Used the other half during that time of the month and felt less pain than usual. A nice product.

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