Mota 1:1 Jellies

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Mota 1:1 Jellies CBD:THC 100mg of CBD & 100mg of THC

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Mota 1:1 Jellies CBD:THC 100mg of CBD & 100mg of THC 

1:1 Jellies 100 mg THC & 100 mg CBD per bag.
10mg THC & 10 mg CBD per piece
Mixed bag orange, pineapple and mango.

100mg THC per bag & 100mg CBD, 10mg THC & 10mg CBDper Gummie, 10 Gummies per pack
Bag contains a mix of orange, pineapple and mango jellies.
Glucose, Sugar, Gelatine, Pectin, Sorbitol, Tartaric Acid, THC Distillate, Flavour, Colour, CBD Isolate

Final Thoughts on Balanced THC:CBD Strains Mota 1:1 Jellies
In the world of medical weed, strains with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD are considered the gold standard. Perhaps a decade ago, THC was thought to be the only cannabinoid in town. Fortunately, researchers have worked long and hard to find others, and research is beginning to suggest that CBD is arguably the better option for medical use. Of course, the entourage effect outlines the need to combine cannabinoids which is why strains with CBD and THC in almost equal measures are so coveted.
Both THC and CBD work well for specific conditions, but their joint powers are far more effective. Imagine a strain capable of providing you with a pleasant, mellow high that helps alleviate pain but that doesn’t completely knock you out. In fact, you don’t have to imagine any longer, because there are dozens of strains capable of doing just that. Other worthy marijuana strains not mentioned on this list include Bediol, Nina, and Highlands.

Research so far seems to have found that 1:1 THC:CBD ratio provides the most therapeutic relief across wide categories of ailments, with just minor side effects. This proportion between cannabinoids is having the best effect on sleep, pain and muscle spasms reduction, and it is under research for the treatment of autism, cancer, fibromyalgia, and skin diseases. The relaxation comes with very light high effect and little euphoria

Mota 1:1 Jellies

3 reviews for Mota 1:1 Jellies

  1. Teeeraav (verified owner)

    Good jellies. Cant go wrong with Mota!

  2. Brenda Ellis (verified owner)

    Love these. Great quality and very tasty.

  3. Connie Christensen (verified owner)

    Love the mota line I like the variety of flavors

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