Capsule Bottles – THC – Mary’s Medibles


Capsule Bottles – THC – Mary’s Medibles – 10mg THC & 20mg THC – Indica & Sativa


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Capsule Bottles – THC – Mary’s Medibles – These THC capsules come 40 to a bottle.  There are 10mg THC, 20mg THC and both options come in Sativa and Indica.

10mg THC Capsules Indica – 40 Capsules to a bottle

10mg THC Capsules Sativa – 40 Capsules to a bottle

20mg THC Capsules Indica – 40 Capsules to a bottle

20mg THC Capsules Sativa – 40 Capsules to a bottle

Popping THC Pills VS Smoking Pot (Capsule Bottles – THC – Mary’s Medibles)

Based on findings from a landmark 2013 study in The Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, Businessweek was able to conclude that legalizing cannabis in its natural smokeable form is unnecessary because it is widely (yet incorrectly) assumed that smoking cannabis is every bit as dangerous a cancerous health risk as is smoking nicotine cigarettes.

Leafly argues that THC pills are a more comfortable, convenient, and familiar option than the more traditional method of cannabis combustion. Cannabis and Nicotine to be clear, however, are not equally carcinogenic, and cannabis smoke has never been definitively linked to cancers associated with tobacco use in humans.

blurred image of woman smoking marijuana instead of using THC pills

The stereotypes that people associate with smoking prevent many potential patients from understanding how smoking or vaporizing cannabis gives severely nauseated patients instantaneous awareness of pain relief.

This rapid onset of combusted or vaporized cannabis is the key advantage of these methods, as it provides the patient greater control to self-adjust the dose they need for pain relief by backing off and saving part of a dose for a later session or by taking additional puffs without fear of an 11-Hydroxy-THC overdose that taking too many THC pills can give you.

The major advantage of THC pills is that they are much more powerful and will last much longer than traditionally smoked or vaped pot if you can afford the patience for the 11-Hydroxy-THC to begin acting on your symptoms from your liver, giving you a groovy body high.

THC pills don’t require you to learn how to smoke, they’re more portable, and they don’t have that same unmistakable overpowering sweet smell, thus making them much more discreet than the traditional method of combusting cannabis.

We advocate the patient’s right to choose as well as experiment with their preferred method of smoking, vaporizing, dabbing, or ingesting their cannabis more so than we advocate any one method over any other. We strongly advocate utilizing a variety of cannabis consumption methods as well. We specifically suggest smoking, vaping, or dabbing for instantaneous relief and THC pills for longer-term relief.

A cancer patient suffering from acute nausea would probably want to take a THC pill right after smoking or vaporizing for an ideal combination of powerful fast-acting and long-term relief. A patient may enjoy the psychologically calming ritual of packing a pipe, also known as “packing a bowl” or perhaps rolling a joint for additional puffs as needed while waiting for the 11-Hydroxy-THC to kick in once it’s been eaten.

Extra hits off of a joint, pipe, or vape pen will calm the anxious body high that 11-Hydroxy-THC can cause should the dosage in your THC pill be too strong. Extra cannabis can supplement your THC pill if it’s not strong enough as well.

THC pills may be ideal for children who are not yet old enough to understand how to hit a dab rig or clear the chamber of a killer bong hit. Charlotte Figi is just such an example. Charlotte suffered from Dravet’s Syndrome and experienced over 300 seizures a week. A cannabis oil extracted from a strain now known as Charlotte’s Web changed all that.

Miss Figi now experiences only two or three seizures A MONTH thanks to the anticonvulsant effects of the marijuana plant.

Capsule Bottles – THC – Mary’s Medibles



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10mg THC Indica, 10mg THC Sativa, 20mg THC Indica, 20mg THC Sativa


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