AAAA Premium Prerolls 1 Gram

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AAAA Premium Prerolls 1 Gram. Strain specific premium BC Bud prerolls. Indica, Sativa & Hybrid.


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AAAA Premium Prerolls 1 Gram.  Strain specific premium prerolls. Indica, Sativa & Hybrid.  All from local BC growers. Premium quad strains for each “cannaisseur” desires.  Tightly packed in a Raw king size cone and Raw filter.

AAAA Premium Prerolls 1 Gram

What are pre-rolls?

Pre-rolls are simply off-the-shelf, ready to smoke joints—ground up bud twisted in a rolling paper—one of the most popular ways herb is smoked. Pre-rolls can be purchased individually or in packs of four or more.

More than pipes, bongs, edibles, oils, dab rigs, or any other means of consumption, the joint remains an icon. It may be the only method that, when pantomimed, says to the rest of the world “cannabis!”

A joint is cheap, discreet, disposable, and easily shared among friends. It requires neither the financial investment of a bong nor the time commitment of an edible. But unless you’ve got nimble fingers or hours to spend practicing, it can be tough to learn how to twist one up.
Enter the pre-roll.
Before legal, regulated markets, consumers themselves were the ones rolling joints. But as medical dispensaries and recreational shops emerged, demand grew for ready-made smokeables. By now, pre-rolls are almost everywhere, serving as go-to gifts and common suggestions to cannabis newcomers.

AAAA Premium Prerolls 1 Gram

Who are pre-rolls for and why do they use them?

Pre-rolls are the perfect choice for convenience. They don’t require any work and all you need is a flame and you’re good as gold. They are great to share with friends, bring to parties and give as gifts. One common application is to grab one on the way out for a Friday night. They’re small, portable, and shareable with a few friends.

AAAA Premium Prerolls 1 Gram

Medical Marijuana and Pain Relief

No matter which part, organ, or system of the body is affected, many medical conditions cause noticeable discomfort and/or pain. Chronic pain can have debilitating effects on your physical abilities, your hobbies and leisure activities, your job opportunities, your general mood and emotional state, and even your mobility. Some common causes of chronic pain in the United States include:
Back Pain
Chronic Migraines
Nerve Damage (Neuropathy)
While traditional painkiller drugs such as morphine and oxycodone can be effective, they are also associated with a high risk of addiction and dependence, and can be dangerous or even fatal when administered in improper amounts. Cannabis offers similar palliative benefits, with less significant risk of substance abuse and consequent health issues.
The scientific basis for marijuana’s painkilling ability lies in the way the active ingredients, called Cannabinoids, affect the brain. Cannabis contains at least 80 different cannabinoids — notably delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC — which activate the body’s Cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are found in brain and throughout most body organs.
THC, Nausea, and Appetite
We are taught from childhood that food powers the human engine. While obesity and the fast food industry have become prominent media topics during recent years, the dangers of under-eating are just as alarming. Persistent, long-term caloric deficiencies can lead to serious health problems such as decreased bone density, impaired circulatory function, vitamin deficiencies, and even early death caused by heart failure.
Some patients experience chronic nausea or loss of appetite related to chemotherapy treatments, while others are impacted by conditions such as anorexia, depression, HIV/AIDS, or Crohn’s Disease. If you struggle to maintain a healthy appetite due to a medical issue, Cannabis may be able to help you eat and get the nutrition your body needs.
It’s a common joke that marijuana causes “the munchies.” In fact, Cannabis does increase eating and weight gain in underweight individuals. Also, oddly enough, it does not appear to increase weight gain in normal to overweight users.

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Pot of Gold (Indica), Rockstar (Indica), Sour Tangerine (Sativa), Sweet Dick (Sativa Dominate Hybrid), LA Confidential (Indica), Nuken (Indica ), Sweet Berlin (Hybrid), Gorilla Glue #4 (Hybrid), Lemon Skunk (Sativa Dominate Hybrid), Dirty Hash (Indica), Caramel Cream (Indica), Strawberry Cookies (Indica), Death Bubba (Indica), Holy Grail (Indica), King Tut (Sativa), Sour Dick (Sativa), Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (Indica Dominate Hybrid), Bruce Banner #3 (Hybrid), White Castle (Hybrid), Walter White (Sativa Dominate Hybrid), Snow Wookie (hybrid), Master Kush Ultra (Indica), Purple Trainwreck (hybrid), Dark Angel (Hybrid), Sweet & Sour Tangerine (Sativa), A mixture of 10 Premium Pre-rolls, Frankie Incense PURE Sativa ( 4 time Karma cup winner, Moby Dick Sativa, Mimosa Hybrid, Enigma Indica, Cherry Punch Indica Dominate Hybrid, Wedding Crasher (Hybrid), Fruity Pebbles OG ( Hybrid), Orange Crush (Sativa), New York Haze (Sativa), Diablo OG (Sativa Dominant Hybrid), Mango Haze x Orange Crush (Sativa), Double Chocolate Pie (Sativa Dominate hybrid), Purple cream (Indica), Violator ( Indica), Think Fast ( Sativa), Watermelon Zkittles (Indica dominate hybrid), Hawaiian Snow ( Sativa), Velvet Cookies (Sativa Dominate Hybrid), Chocolate Chunk (Indica)

24 reviews for AAAA Premium Prerolls 1 Gram

  1. Rasco

    Great selection and good amounts for the price

  2. jonathan

    Burn amazingly! Great taste! Fantastic High! I will definitely be ordering more!

  3. Jennifer

    Cant believe the amount of strains to select from. I’ve tried 5 of them, I will be trying them all. Great deal, great quality!

  4. Dane Croyden

    Seriously the BEST pre-rolls I have ever had!

  5. Alex Whitby

    I can’t believe the wide variety of premium cannabis strains, with the choice of sativa, indica, and hybrid. Every time I order I can’t figure out which ones to choose!

  6. Blaze Hertsh

    Ok, so these are my go to for my marijuana purchases, the only negative is that I can’t seem to get enough of them!

  7. Megan

    Perfectly packed, these burn so good! Beats rolling a joint myself. Love the selection. Great job Healing Co!

  8. Daryl Gay (verified owner)

    Great quality and perfect roll. Awesome selection. Half way through trying them all.

  9. BMo9

    I’ve had Sour Dick and Rockstar, both great all around. What good value too, well rolled and burns well.

  10. Sara Green (verified owner)

    Fantastic selection of strains! Burns great, strong highs, and wonderful flavours.

  11. Erynn Williamson (verified owner)

    I always make sure to add a 10 pack of pre rolls! They make sure to send a variety and they’re always nicely rolled! Awesome deal!

  12. Alexandre Legros (verified owner)

    I Ordered 4 pre-rolls to try them out and I am beyond happy. Quality is amazing. Definitely recommended!

  13. Teeeraav (verified owner)

    Great quality and bang for your buck. Will definitely buy again.

  14. April Abel (verified owner)

    I love getting the package of 10 premium prerolls. Great way to try different strains and find the favorites! Perfectly rolled for on the go!

  15. Adri (verified owner)

    Love the Frankie incense! Perfect high for the day! Definitely a repeat buy.

  16. Brianna (verified owner)

    Friends and I loved the sour tangerine! Smooth and a good high.

  17. katie Balogh

    i love that i can try so many different flavours and then decide which to buy larger quantities of what i like will definitely buy again and again

  18. Colin Lowery (verified owner)

    I still order these regularly. Great price and sooooo convenient!

  19. Keenan McClure

    Unlike our local dispensary pre rolls these burn from start to very end. Have yet to have a single one from here that hasn’t burned great. Normally I’ll just roll my own but these burn so nice and when you’re in a hurry best to have a bunch on hand.

  20. JC (verified owner)

    Nice to have em ready to go- nice big filters on em too, helps keep the hands from smelling too bad.

  21. Adri (verified owner)

    Great product! Love the Frankie incense! Perfect for during the day

  22. Amanda Kotsabasakis (verified owner)

    I Ordered 5 pre-rolls to try & I’m happy w/ the quality! Definitely recommended!

  23. Skylar McCoy

    They are nicely packed pre-rolls! I’ve tried the Lemon Skunk, Fruity Pebbles OG, and the Frank Incense! You cant go wrong with this deal.

  24. Skylar McCoy

    There was a sale for when you spend over a certain amount- they add in pre-rolls! I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package and saw there was some “Sweet Dick” inside! Haha Highly recommended!

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