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How To Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Sex Life

How To Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Sex Life

How To Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Sex Life

Whether you’re indulging in solo pleasure or with a partner, cannabis can add a whole new dimension to the experience. Cannabis can help us to reduce anxiety in the mind, pain in the body and allows us to feel a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Flower, edibles and topicals are all a great way to incorporate cannabis, it just depends on what the desired effect is.

We’re going to break down our favorite cannabis strains and products that will help take your sex life up a notch.

Flower Power

While you can’t completely predict how you’ll interact with a strain based on an “indica” or “sativa” classification, it does give us an excellent starting point when choosing! Sativas are commonly known to produce uplifting and euphoric effects, indicas are typically relaxing, and hybrids are a balanced middle ground.

Selecting a strain that enhances your sexual experience is going to take some trial and error. Luckily for you, it doesn’t get much more fun than that! Your selection will depend on you as an individual, as well as the desired effects. Are you looking to reduce your anxiety so you can be fully present? Are you looking to relax your body? Do you want to feel more adventurous and reduce your inhibitions? Let’s start there and look at some strains that may be right for you!

I want to reduce my anxiety

Sex-induced anxiety is something many of us deal with. Cannabis can help with that! CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety, as well as low doses of THC. High doses of THC have been known to promote anxious feelings, so be sure you select a strain that is low THC and pace yourself.

If you’re a woman, you will want to be mindful of the level of cotton mouth a particular strain gives you, as it will also produce vaginal dryness. While this can easily be combated with lubricant, we recommend selecting a strain with that in mind.

Our favorites? Charlotte’s Web and CBD Shark!

CBD Shark

CBD Shark s an 80/20 indica-dominant cannabis strain that offers an equal ratio of THC and CBD, a cannabinoid combination that helps treat an array of symptoms like pain, anxiety, and inflammation without the overly intoxicating effects induced by many high-THC strains. This clear-headed hybrid descends from a Shark Shock indica, and its aroma is comprised of sweet notes of fruit accented by subtle hints of garlic and herb.

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Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a cultivar with less than 0.3% THC that has gained popularity as an option for treating seizures as well as a range of other medical conditions. Charlotte’s Web produces little to no psychoactive effects, making it a great strain for those who want the body healing properties of CBD, without the high assoicated with THC.

Charlotte’s powerful web may cause dizziness for some , so new users should be cautious.

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I want to relax

If you’re looking for a strain to relax you, we recommend starting within an indica or a hybrid. Or, the best of both worlds, an indica dominant hybrid!

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross whose reputation grew too large to stay within the borders of its California homeland. With a sweet and earthyaroma, GSC launches you to euphoria’s top floor where full-body relaxation meets a time-bending cerebral space. A little goes a long way with this hybrid, whose THC heights have won GSC numerous Cannabis Cup awards.

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I want to feel adventurous

If you’re looking to try new things in bed, a sativa may be the best option for you! A strain with energizing and invigorating effects may be exactly what your love life needs!

Moby Dick

Moby Dick’s high THC content makes it one of the strongest sativas. Winner of Girl of the Year; by the cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010, this strain is a cross between indica dominant hybrid White Widow and sativa Haze; the former is known for its power while the latter for its cerebral stimulation, creating a mostly sativa plant that delivers a charged buzz. The aroma is a sweet citrus from the Haze, which dominates the palate with vanilla and eucalyptus tones.

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Sour Diesel

While we don’t carry this strain as flower, we do carry it in a vape cartridge for Westcoast Smoke’s Gold Digger!

Sour Diesel is an invigorating sativa-dominant strain named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma. This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to its legendary status. Stress, pain, and depression fade away!

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Edibles for Every Day Play

You may be a hardcore flower lover and resistant to trying anything new. We hear you. But, hear us out juuust for a second. Edibles make for some seriously mind blowing sex.

While inhaling cannabis often results in what we call a “head high”, edibles typically bring forth a “body high”. Increased sensitivity, a relaxed body, a relaxed mind, reduced pain and inflammation in the body and feelings of euphoria are what await you. Solo or with a partner, prepare for your level of pleasure to increase ten fold.

If you’re new to the world of edibles or have a lower tolerance, start with 5 – 10mg. You want your body to relax, not go into couch lock. Check out our other blog post, “5 Tips to Dose and Enjoy Edibles” for more information.

Mota THC Jellies – Wildberry

200mg THC per pack (20mg THC per jelly, 10 pieces in a pack)

Mota Wildberry jellies are made using THC distillate for precise and consistent dosing. At 20mg per piece, these are easily cut into smaller pieces for a gentler dose. As these jellies are made with distillate and not cannabis extract, there is virtually no cannabis taste and minimal cottonmouth.

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Sour Watermelon Slices

300mg CBD (25mg CBD per jelly, 12 pieces in a pack)

The Sour Watermelon Slices by CBD Move will leave you feeling light as air and pain-free. As these Sour Watermelon Slices contain no THC, there is no psychoactive response, making these Sour Watermelon Slices the perfect product for those in search of merely a relaxed bodily experience.

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Cannabis Topicals For Foreplay

Topicals are an excellent way to incorporate cannabis into your sex life without the need to ingest or inhale it. Cannabis infused topicals provide localized relief of sore muscles and inflammation, without a psychoactive response. In short, topicals can’t get you high because they don’t break the blood-brain barrier.

A sensual massage is relaxing. When paired with an infused topical that reduces pain and inflammation in the body, it’s mind blowing.

The Vida massage oils are our go-to! Made from quality ingredients meant to soothe the body, as well as a body healing dose of THC and CBD, these oils are incredible.

Both of their massage oils have the same amount of THC and CBD in them, but the fragrances are very different. Try them both for unique experiences!


The Shangri-La VIDA Massage Oil made by Mota is made with soothing organic ingredients that absorb quickly into the skin, relieving sore joints and muscles while delivering the natural healing properties of cannabis. This massage oil is perfect for people who suffer from body pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

400 mg THC | 60 mg CBD

Fragrance: Rose, geranium, rosewood, clementine, and ylang ylang.

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Midnight in Marrakesh

400 mg THC | 60 mg CBD

A soothing blend of grapeseed, sweet almond, and avocado oil absorb easily into the skin to deliver the healing properties of cannabis quickly to sore muscles and joints. This product is excellent for those who have muscle inflammation, muscle stiffness and body pain. Bring some VIDA cannabis infused massage oil with you to your next massage appointment and experience a new level of healing relaxation.

Fragrance: Sandalwood, jasmine, clove and orange blossoms.

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There’s No “Right” Way To Play

Our sexual preferences are inherently unique and should be celebrated. Incorporating cannabis may heighten your sexual experience or you may not care for it; that’s ok! A little trial and error will go a long way in finding a strain or product that you may enjoy. But, at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy your body. As long as everyone involved is safe and consenting, you do you!

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